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Project Highlights

  • District-Scale Gold Exploration Opportunity in Red Lake, Ontario
  • Hosts a minimum 12km western extension of the LP Fault structure
  • Contiguous property border with Kinross Gold Corporation's Dixie Gold Project
  • Approx. 21,238 ha (52,480 acres) encompassing 1,042 mining claims

Project Overview

The Whirlwind Jack Gold Project is a district-scale gold exploration project located near Red Lake, Ontario. The project is viewed as sharing similar greenstone and geologic assemblages as the contiguous Dixie Gold Project being advanced by neighbouring Kinross Gold Corporation.

Project Geology

Field work by Red Lake Gold Inc. has confirmed the presence of both sedimentary and felsic volcanic rocks on the Whirlwind Jack Gold Project.

The LP Fault structure interpreted on the Whirlwind Jack Gold Project is situated within a deep magnetic low. The structure, a broad East-West trending deformation zone, is hosted by a repeated mafic-felsic volcanic sequence with intercalated sediments.

2019 Magnetics Survey

Red Lake Gold Inc. recently flew a systematic low-level 50m spacing magnetic survey covering 2,045 line-KM which was focused on the eastern portion of the company’s 211.8km² project (commencing at the property boundary of adjacent Dixie Gold Project held by Kinross Gold Corporation).

Survey highlights include:

  • LP Fault Structure
    The magnetic survey provided data that allows for the interpretation of the LP Fault structure (as first defined on the adjacent Dixie Gold Project) extending across the surveyed area into the Whirlwind Jack Gold Project. Results of the airborne also led to the expansion of an area of interest to a broad one km zone (measured North-South) of prospective stratigraphy and structure within what is concluded to be a western extension of the LP Fault structure. This zone extends on an east-to-west basis for a minimum of 12 km on the Whirlwind Jack Gold Project.
  • Regional Splays/Offsets
    The surveyed area has also revealed multiple splays and offsets from the interpreted LP Fault structure which could in turn provide for fluid flow environments that may lead to the future delineation of additional exploration targets. These various regional splays and offsets will require further follow-up by Red Lake Gold Inc.

Historic Exploration and Regional Magnetics

Historic third-party exploration work at the mid-point of the Whirlwind Jack Gold Project has identified the presence of gold, including a historical grab sample of 7 g/t Au (see Mineral Deposit Inventory of Ontario, No. MDI52N04SE00057).

Past base metal-related exploration work by prior holders of tenure now comprised within the Whirlwind Jack Gold Project identified VMS targets expressed through EM conductors in or near target stratigraphy that remain untested by drilling. Recent exploration success by BTU Metals Corp. has renewed interest in the region for its VMS discovery potential.

Government magnetic survey work has also highlighted structurally-similar magnetic structures within the region.

Red Lake Gold Inc. cautions that results or discoveries on proximal or adjacent properties may not necessarily be indicative as to the presence of mineralization on the Whirlwind Jack Gold Project.

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