Whirlwind Jack Gold Project

Location: Red Lake, Ontario

Property Size: 21,238 ha (52,480 acres), 1,042 mining claims

About Whirlwind Jack

The Whirlwind Jack Gold Project is a district-scale gold exploration project located near Red Lake, Ontario. The project is viewed as sharing similar greenstone and geologic assemblages as the contiguous Dixie Gold Project being advanced by neighboring Great Bear Resources Ltd.

In addition to significant geological likeness, past airborne geophysical work covering the Whirlwind Jack Gold Project has defined a similar and continuous geophysical footprint akin to the adjacent Dixie Project, with a long-length, arcing, magnetically disrupted trend visible across both properties.

Beyond this visually apparent district-scale geophysical structure that crosses mineral tenure independently held by Red Lake Gold Inc. and our neighbour Great Bear Resources Ltd., there also exists a large, prominent geophysical hinge-like structure within the western half of the project which is also a priority exploration target for Red Lake Gold Inc.

Past exploration work at the mid-point of the Whirldwind Jack Gold Project has identified the presence of gold, including a historical grab sample of 7 g/t Au (see Mineral Deposit Inventory of Ontario, No. MDI52N04SE00057).

The Whirlwind Jack gold project is named after Jack "Whirlwind" Hammell, one of Red Lake's most successful gold pioneers. For technical disclosures, click here.